March 1-12 , 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Maine Restaurant Week 2021 - not your normal MRW

What are the special menu prices?

This year, because of the pandemic, participating restaurants are offering MRW customers something special. It's totally up to each restaurant. Next year, we'll return to specially-priced multi-course menus. Who's participating, and their MRW 2021 plans are explained on the restaurant page. Click on a restaurant names to explore all the details.  


Should I tip extra because it's MRW?

Yes, yes, we all should. But not because it's MRW. Instead, because restaurant owners and employees are working incredibly hard to make it through the pandemic, it's on us to tip extra (if it's within your budget). 


Is every Maine restaurant participating in restaurant week?

Everyone is invited, but the truth is, it's not a fit for every restaurant. This year's roster of participating restaurants is full of great places to try.


Do I need to order in advance or make reservations?

This situation varies from restaurant to restaurant. This year we added curbside, outdoor, and indoor dining to our restaurant search tool. Go for it. Start searching and start telling neighbors and friends about MRW - March 1-12. 


Why restaurant week?

We started MRW because winter is tough on Maine restaurants. We describe the short little story of Maine Restaurant Week here



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COVID19 Prevention Checklist

Play it safe. Review Maine's COVID-19 guidance for seated food and drink service. Know the facts before dining out. 

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