March 1-12 , 2024

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Paper Tiger will be offering our Tokyo or Shoyu style ramen, first developed in Japan, shoyu ramen offers a more broth forward take on the classic Japanese noodle dish. A poultry broth made from both duck and chicken is steeped with aromatics for many hours. It is served with another classic Japanese component called Tare. This is a mix of soy, rice vinegar, sake, msg, and sugar, as well as our secret ingridient: black garlic. 

Our noodles our locally sourced and cooked so as to still have a very nice chew. We again serve our ramen with very classic sides. Our retaurant week offering will be for $15. Our broth an noodles will be accompanied by Scallion, Nori, Pickled Shiitake mushroom and soy marinated egg. 

If you are looking to elevate your ramen experience Paper Tiger is here to help. We will be offering suppliements to take your ramen to the next level. You may add char siu style pork belly for $3, a half leg of duck confit for $5, additonal soy marinated egg for $2, and if you're needing more broth or extra noodles those will each be sold as an additon for $3.

Paper Tiger is a humble, relaxed bar and restaurant where we feel the spirit of Maine restaurant week will really shine and offer guests a unique dining expereince. This is our first year participating and can't wait for all of you faithful participants to join us for an evening of fun and indulgence. 


Phone: 2076139823


425 Fore Street
Portland, ME 04101

Dinner Hours:


Indoor dining

Restaurant Notes:

Paper Tiger is cocktail bar and restaurant. With craft cocktails that excite and an east asian inspired menu, we provide a humble and fun atmosphere. We strive to provide excellent service and food of the highest quality. Offering the unique experience of being able to go on a fancy date, or have the allure of being everyone's everyday bar. 

We will have vegetarian options during restaurant week. Ask your server for suggestions or please feel free to call ahead.

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